Exhaust Heat Shield Tape Purchased in Melbourne is Easy to Apply

Heat wrap or exhaust heat shield tape is extremely easy to apply. It is extremely popular with performance car enthusiasts in Melbourne as a cheap and quick way to boost horsepower. Exhaust insulation in Melbourne is recommended as an essential upgrade, especially for superchargers or turbo powered cars.

Channeling energy

However, exhaust heat shield wrap does not directly boost horsepower or add increase engine output in any way. The advantage comes where the engine bay temperatures of the car are reduced when using exhaust insulation in Melbourne. It can also increase exhaust velocity slightly as the hot gases are not losing any energy. Heat is lost through pipework in the engine bay, rather than the energy being channelled directly out the exhaust where it should be going.

The main benefit however in performance cars, is by using exhaust heat shield tape in Melbourne to lower the air intake temperature. The air intake is commonly either within the engine bay itself, or the air from the intake is channelled via ductwork into the engine bay. If the air intake ducts are anywhere near hot exhaust pipes, then naturally some heat exchange will take place where it shouldn’t and that can be detrimental to performance.

Lower air intake temperature leads to increased air density, and that’s great for turbo and supercharged systems as there is more oxygen. As a result, the entire system is more efficient and will generate more horsepower. Hotter exhaust gases, benefitted by exhaust insulation in Melbourne, will also travel faster which helps to reduce turbo lag, and can also improve exhaust gas scavenging.

Fitting exhaust heat shield tape

So, fitting exhaust heat shield tape in Melbourne is extremely easy. First of all you need to identify which pipes are going to benefit the most from insulation. These will be any exhaust pipes in the engine bay that are close to cooling pipes or air ducts from the outside, and especially if they are near an intercooler system. Simply take a roll of heat shield tape and wrap it around the pipe making sure all areas of the pipe are covered. Try to apply the tape evenly without any creases, and make sure to overlap as much as possible.

It’s usually best to clean the pipework before adhering exhaust insulation in Melbourne, as oil and dirt can stop the tape from sticking to the pipe firmly and may begin to unravel over time. Use the tape to cover the pipes completely, and consider putting the car on ramps to reach areas under the car you cannot reach easily from the engine bay.

It may also be of benefit to using exhaust heat shield tape in Melbourne on any long runs of exhaust pipe from the engine to the back of the car. For this, you will need to put the vehicle onto ramps. Inspect the tape regularly, as areas under the car can become damaged by stones and gravel, and may need to be replaced from time to time.