Use Exhaust Insulation Wrap to Protect Against Ambient Heat

There are many applications where you might want to consider using exhaust insulation wrap. Perhaps in an industrial setting where large generators are likely to be utilised, and exposed hot exhaust surfaces are a danger to other equipment or people nearby. Or, it could be in a vehicle such as a van or a car, or maybe a boat. In all these cases, exhaust wrap can help to insulate scorching surfaces caused by exhaust gas from an engine.

Why use exhaust wrap?

Let’s look at exhaust wrap for a car. We could be talking about a regular car, or perhaps a performance car for racing purposes. In either case, hot gases from the engine are expelled through an exhaust pipe starting at the engine block and running all the way to the back of the car. If these hot areas are near something that needs to be cool, such as an air intake or plastic body mouldings, then there could be an issue with either performance or the chance of melting.

You can get exhaust wrap in Melbourne easily and cheaply, and the simple application will insulate scalding exhaust surfaces from the outside by forming a barrier against ambient heat.

In terms of performance, you always strive to have cold air at the air intake, because cooler air is a lot denser and is therefore much better for turbochargers. In fact, you can easily get more horsepower out of an engine when running in cold air. So if you have a scalding exhaust or excessive ambient temperatures anywhere near the air intake, you are immediately losing performance. Use an exhaust insulation wrap to create a thermal barrier near sensitive parts of the car that need to be kept cool. When all that excess heat is channelled away, it won’t interfere detrimentally with performance.

Exhaust heat wrap available in Melbourne is rated to withstand extremely high temperatures, in many cases up to 1000 degrees centigrade. It’s incredibly easy to apply and is usually just wrapped around a pipe that needs insulation and then secured.

More uses of Exhaust insulation wrap

Of course, performance cars aren’t the only application for exhaust wrap in Melbourne, there are plenty of other reasons to use it, especially in industrial settings. Exhaust insulation wrap is commonly used on generator exhausts, and in forklifts and trucks. Primarily this might be applied to a health and safety aspect, but also to improve efficiency. Over a period, a generator could be running a little more efficiently due to heat not escaping from an exhaust system. This can only be better for the business as it reduces fuel use.

Exhaust insulation wrap is also commonly employed in a marine setting, on boats and jet skis. In fact, wherever you have an internal combustion engine, whether in a car or truck, or in an industrial generator, there’s always a need to keep hot surfaces away from that which should be cold, and that’s where exhaust wrap comes into its element.