Fibreglass – The Strong and Lightweight Material that also Resists Heat

Fibreglass is a widely used product used for many different applications. Because fibreglass is unyielding and lightweight, it makes the ideal insulator for a variety of purposes. The materials used to make fibreglass is relatively cheap as well compared to carbon fibre composites, so it’s also a product you can usually use even on a budget. It is commonly moulded into a variety of different products that are used in Australia. For example, fibreglass cloth in Melbourne is readily available and can be used to provide a thermal barrier in homes as a blanket insulation material. As fibreglass cloth is also an excellent sound/acoustic barrier, so that can also be very useful in residential applications for noise abatement.

Provideing fibreglass mat Melbourne

Fibreglass Mat in Melbourne is mechanically bonded and is a perfect blanket insulator material. It can come in virtually and shape and size you want, but is commonly provided in rolls that can simply be rolled out and cut to size. The excess can then be used to fill in gaps to make sure there is an adequate covering. In most cases, the length and width of rolls will be predetermined, but fibreglass mat in Melbourne can also be custom made into particular cut lengths if required, or even into shapes to fit a bespoke job.

Ropes can also be made from fibreglass material, and fibreglass rope in Melbourne is very popular for pipe lagging and anywhere where a seal needs to be maintained. Door seals are a good example of this, and also in wood burners, which are becoming increasingly popular in the winter months. Fibreglass rope in Melbourne are generally used where pressures are low, but temperatures are expected to reach up to 550 degrees. The rope is very strong and lightweight, yet will resist huge amounts of heat. It is available in many different sizes and lengths to suit almost any application.

Rope vs Gasket

The same can be said of Fibreglass gaskets in Melbourne, which are used in much the same way as fibreglass rope. They are generally flatter than rope and provide a mechanical seal between two areas. It can be used effectively as door seals, or furnace seals, and even for hot air ducting. You may want to try a knitted or woven fibre tape if the surfaces you are trying to seal are irregular. Tape, while at the same time being strong, can be cut with a sharp knife to create the desired shape, or to trip excess material away.

So to summarise, if you need a strong and lightweight material that is extremely resistant to heat, then choose a fibreglass product from a range that includes, fibreglass folded tape, knitted tape and woven tape, fibreglass rope and square braid, or fibreglass matting.

You can also get pre-moulded glass fibre pipe insulation that are designed to slip quickly and easily over existing pipes and provide insulation. These usually come in 1m lengths and are easily cut to whatever length is required.