Find the Best Suppliers for Glass Fibre Rope and Fibreglass Insulation Tape in Melbourne at Future Thermal

If you’re in search of glass fibre rope suppliers to meet your needs, contact us at Future Thermal! We provide high-quality glass fibre tape for any of a number of different industrial applications, and are prepared with the product that you need to secure your equipment and to protect your employees from the potential dangers inherent to high-heat applications. With our products, you can reduce the potential of escaping heat, which – in addition to meeting the standards required for a safe workplace – will also help to reduce your associated energy costs.

What Types of Fibreglass Insulation Tape and Glass Fibre Rope are Available?

Future Thermal supplies a large stock of fibreglass insulation tape and rope for a variety of different needs, making it easy for customers in a wide variety of industries to find precisely the product that they require for their industrial needs. A number of different coatings and finishes are available, including high-temperature silicone, graphite, S/S mesh, plain, vermiculite, and foil, so you can easily find the product that is right for your project or application. Many different sizes and lengths are available as well, making it a simple process for you to find the product that best suits your needs.

In your search for glass fibre rope suppliers that you can trust, you have good reason to come to us. Our glass fibre tape and rope products are capable of being used in environments that reach up to 550 degrees Celsius. Common applications for these fibreglass products include the creation of a heat seal around a boiler or tank hatch to keep heat in, increasing energy efficiency, and keeping the workplace safe.

Find more information about the different products that we have available, including fibreglass insulation tape and glass fibre rope, on our website at, where even more detailed information about our products is available.

Choose Future Thermal For High-Quality Thermal Products

In business since 1993, the team at Future Thermal are the suppliers of choice for various industries throughout Australia. Future Thermal is recognised as a leader when it comes to thermal fabrics and composites. When you’re in search of the best possible fibreglass tape in Melbourne – or anywhere else in Australia – you have good reason to head to Future Thermal to meet all of your needs.

Future Thermal is Australian manufacturing at its best. You can contact us for more information about the products that we have available or to receive a quote on the products that you need. Our team will be happy to help you make a decision regarding the best type of fibreglass tape or rope product for your industry and the application that you have in mind. If you’re looking for fibreglass tape in Melbourne – or any other thermal fabrics and composites – you can contact us on (03) 9702 2227. We look forward to showing you why we are an industry leader among so many different clients and across so many different types of industries.